Go back in time. Kosynier Boardtrack allows you to experience how
motorcyclists felt racing at the beginning of the twentieth century.
They look just like sport motorcycles did 100 years ago. Constructed by local craftsmen, retro Kosynier Boardtrack stylistically relates to the classics,
but the drive is modern, it's electric! Batteries are the same as in innovative Tesla cars. Kosynier arouses interest wherever it appears.
We have proof. After ordering a Kosynier, you'll receive a video, where you will see how we made your electric Kosynier bicycle.
The video will be recorded with six cameras. You will decide which camera to view.

The most talented craftsmen create:

The seat

hand made seat using high quality leather Russia leather


High-quality leather Russia leather


Wykonana specjalnie dla tego modelu.


Made of the same leather as the seat and straps


Aluminum tanks hold batteries

The front suspension

Made specifically for Kosynier


Modular frame allows the construction of different models


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