Elegance and comfort in a retro style. Electric bicycle Kosynier deLux
It looks like a stylish motorcycle from the early twentieth century.
Hand-made, retro electric bike. Yes, 100 years ago they looked like exclusive motorcycles. Kosynier looks like an antique 2 wheeler, but with a
modern electric drive and batteries, the same as in the innovative Tesla cars. Do you want to comfortably move in the city or outside of it?
It's the perfect bike for you. Unique appearance and electric drive will allow you to enjoy the ride as if on a classic bike.
You also need to prepare for the interest it will arouse. The bike stands out in the crowd!

The most talented craftsmen create:

Siodełko Brooks

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An element that are handmade.


High-quality Russia leather.


Made from the same piece of leather as the seats and straps.


Aluminum reservoir to hold batteries.

The front suspension

Made specifically for Kosynier.


Hand made especially for Kosynier.


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