Production in Europe, Poland
Skilled designers
Local artisans
Components made by hand
Highest quality components

Kosynier is a family operation founded by brothers Marcin and Michael
Bielawski. We grew up in the forge, which has been in the family for over
100 years. Since childhood, we've been interested in historical motorcycles
and cars. We dream of producing Kosynier retro electric vehicles.
Bicycles are just the beginning.

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Rafal Sonik
Winner of the Dakar Rally

Bartlomiej Topa
Polish film and theater actor

Marcin Gortat
Basketball NBA, Washington Wizards player

Local craftsmen
Components are made by dedicated and experienced craftsmen.
Whenever possible parts are hand made.

Marcin Bielawski

CEO & Founder.

Responsible for marketing and PR.
A professional cameraman with a passion for historic motorsports.

Michael Bielawski

Coordinator and one of the craftsmen

A lover of antique motorcycles and cars.

Matthew Przystał


Marek Wolny

Engineer / designer

Responsible for designing Kosynier parts.

Marek Deska


He is responsible for the framework for Kosynier.

Małgosia Bielawska

Logistics coordinator / international relations

As a student, she worked in casinos in the United States.
She has attended many motorsport events, which she has an enormous passion for.