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Kosynier deLux unique information

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Hop onto a stylish, electric Kosynier deLux bike and travel in time to the early days of the XX Century. Feel like an elegant gentleman or a lady. Raise your head and smile with an infectious smile. Live a retro adventure on a bike that looks just like an classic motorcycle.


Do you crave a simpler, slower life? Do you want to live through a retro adventure? An electric deLux bike, styled after a vintage motorcycle, will let you taste life at your leisure every time you hop onto it. You’ll see how an object can change your perception of the world. Every trip will be a trip back in time.



You will ride among modern cars and motorcycles. Their drivers, riders, the passengers of electric buses, all of them will look at you. Because you will ride with your head held high, satisfied, with adventure around every corner. Among all the modern, virtual experiences, you will enjoy something tangible, handmade in our family workshop using traditional, artisanal skills.



The smile isn’t just marketing talk. Our deLux electric bike is to give you pleasure. Not just with its looks.

It gives a lot of satisfaction to our craftsmen, too. We appreciate traditional crafts and want as many parts as possible do be handmade. We’re fed up with mass production. Like you, we crave quality and individuality. We put a lot of heart into each and every bike. We want every machine we build to be a source of satisfaction for us.



Sure, our deLux electric bike is pretty, but we wanted it to be practical and comfortable, too. For instance, you don’t need to remember to take a charger with you on an unplanned, long journey. A charger is built right into the bike, allowing you to plug it in anytime. Which is good for the batteries, too. They don’t like being completely empty. Use the charger when the batteries are at 80% and enjoy the longer battery life. Charge more often, for shorter times.



What makes something beautiful? Details, of course. That is why we attach so much importance to them. Every element is to be refined and made in accordance with traditional methods. Whether it’s the logo on the head of the frame or the front lamp or fenders, we want each part to have something special, a detail that will make the whole bike attract attention.

KOSYNIER delux front lamp electric bike



Every distance will be the right distance for a bike ride. Even if it’s just a few steps, you will see it as an opportunity for a retro adventure. You will notice the excitement you cause riding our bicycle. You will start to notice places and details that you’ve never noticed before. You will notice how many historic details, buildings, artisanal masterpieces surround you. All of them are great places for a deLux selfie!



Your time travels will be made possible by modern technology. Traditional crafts and skills that go into our handmade bikes are intertwined with modern, electric drives. We use the same power cells that power Tesla cars. We keep learning, developing and improving our vehicles, using modern engineering. Especially when it comes to our electric drives.


You will experience your surroundings in more ways than ever. The silence of the ride will let you hear birdsong in the park, the gentle rustling of leaves in the forest, or whispers of young lovers drinking coffee in a summer garden. You will smell the coffee, too. You’ll park the deLux without a problem right next to your favourite cafe. And it will look good parked right next to your table.



You need to realise that your deLux will attract attention. People will take pictures of it, you will have to talk about it at length to fascinated passersby. That’s not a guess. That’s our experience. It’s as beautiful as an classic motorcycle. But it’s also practical. With it’s long mudguards, puddles are of no concern. And its carrier will let you take it to the market and bring home the shopping. Front and rear lights will keep you visible in any situation. And a comfortable riding position will ensure your ride will be as stylish as it will be dignified 🙂


Elegance is made possible and safe thanks to rigorous testing we conduct all the time. We check our electric drives, we expose them to various conditions by riding the bikes in all kinds of weather on all kinds of roads. In the mountains or by the seaside, we test them personally. Even if that means travelling in winter do the most desolate place in Poland – Bieszczady mountains. Of course it’s not just about the field tests, as enjoyable as they might be. We cooperate with research institutes equipped with the best testing equipment. We test the frame, the suspension, the carrier to make sure our bikes are top quality.


We test our bikes extensively so that riding them can be pure pleasure. You can enjoy every moment and wish it could last forever. Get on your deLux and the world slows down. A croissant becomes more flavourful. Sit in a cafe window and watch the crowds passing your deLux. Take a deep breath and dream about the early days of the XX century, when everyone was elegant and motorcycles like the deLux were uncommon, modern and breathtaking. Finish your coffee, get on your deLux and start your next adventure. Maybe try a new place for lunch 🙂 If you want to celebrate life’s fleeting moments, you’re in the right place. Would you like to taste cheese and cream in a beautiful farm in Wielkopolska, or maybe try a fried Baltic fish on the seashore? You can take part in our unique retro day trips, on a Kosynier, naturally.  We try to organize the trips as professionally and comprehensively as possible. You don’t have to worry about anything.



We’re spontaneous and unpredictable. There is a possibility we will appear in your area, because we travel a lot 🙂 Send us your email and the city you live in. We will let you know if we are in the area 🙂 We will also send you current news, mainly about the deLuxe.


We must warn you. If you want to disappear in the crowd, if you do not like to feel the eyes of other people on you, ask yourself: is the Kosynier really for you? 🙂

You will be noticed wherever you go. You’ll feel like a star. If you can live with that and you value the hand-made, the attention to detail, the retro style, the Kosynier deLux was made for you. Literally.



Kosynier deLux can be made specifically to your order. If you can wait, of course 🙂 Our three designers can prepare a machine matching your taste. Do you have a unique car or motorcycle? You can have a Kosynier matching that vehicle. Each of the designers prefers a different style. We will find one to match your preferences, but we will not agree to everything 🙂



If you can’t wait, order one of the finished machines we keep at our workshop. You can choose and order them on this website. You will get to see how it was made, since every Kosynier’s assembly is filmed using 6 cameras. We’ll give you access to a video player that will let you watch the moment of the machine’s birth – the wheels coming on, the seat being attached – from any angle.  We want you to know as much as possible about your Kosynier.


Your Kosynier deLux was created, because we love antique vehicles. We enjoy design and craftsmanship from times when even the futurists did not dream of robotic assembly lines. We come from a blacksmith’s family. We want to cultivate those traditions, especially now, in the era of new technologies. Both of us, Marcin and Michał Bielawski assure you that we want to create vehicles we will be proud of. By creating the Kosynier, we try to pay tribute to the engineers and craftsmen from a century ago. We started our family workshop to realize our dreams. We hope we’ll realize yours, too.



We use handmade parts and high-quality craftsmanship because our priority is quality. We choose choose the best components and materials for our vehicles, but we also implement standards than ensure the high quality of our production process. We use specialised measurement  equipment to make sure our frames are of top quality. . We cooperate with a moto industry research lab in Warsaw. We also have an experienced We may be a small workshop, but we hold our product to the highest standard.



We already mentioned it, but we have to say it again, since it is extremely important. Many people incorrectly use the batteries in, for example, their phones. The Kosynier has an inbuilt charger. One reason for it is the convenience – this way you don’t need to remember to put one in your backpack. But another, more important reason is the fact that it will allow you to charge your batteries more often, for a shorter time. Charge when the battery is still 80% full. The remaining 20% ​​will recharge quickly. Why is this so important? The battery does should not be exposed to high temperatures, like those that come from charging, for long. That’s why it’s not healthy to let the battery discharge completely. You can charge the charger-equipped Kosynier often, and therefore your battery will have a very long life.


Marcin (one of the brothers who created the Kosynier) has always been an activist. He came up with an idea of creating a space, that would allow young people from our small home town to open their minds and see that nothing is impossible. From that small town, Marcin travelled the world as a cameraman, following presidents and prime ministers. 

Now he wants to give some of this positive energy back to the community. At Kosynier Lab, we want to organize trainings, workshops on design, technology, ecology. Because it doesn’t matter where you were born. All that matters is if you have an open mind. By riding a Kosynier, you’re helping us. Part of our income will go towards Kosynier Lab. The sky’s the limit!


Phew. Preparing all that stuff took up almost as much time as did the work on the prototype;) We put a lot of energy into it, so now buy one, and feel the world change







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