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Since I can remember, we have been interested in old cars. We admired vintage cars and motorbikes. We relished every detail. That is why, now, in our electric vehicles, we want to implement everything we value the most.

We want to manufacture vehicles that we can be proud of. Ones that we would like to drive and enjoy even looking at them. 


Everything started with our grandfather’s blacksmith’s shop. With this tradition, we dream of creating a factory that would manufacture retro electric vehicles of the highest quality. This is not another start-up or business that we are going to sell in several years. This is supposed to be an everlasting adventure. We welcome you at its beginning.



“Kosynier is a family-owned factory. Therefore, its approach to customers and partners is not very business-like or official. We strive to have partner relations with everyone. We do not pretend to be owners of a huge factory or to be anyone that we are not. You can read everything about us and about Kosynier from the inside at our website’s blog. The brothers Marcin and Michał invited their best friends and family members to become part of this project. We hope that you will appreciate that.”


We want all our vehicles to be in the retro style. We dream that they reflect the design from 100 years ago as much as possible. Obviously, we do not attribute ourselves the merits of engineers and designers from the early 20th century. We have great respect for their talent and skills. How each detail looks is an object of our attention. Even the seams or finishing of saddle edges has to match the design of the era when they were actually manufactured. Front lamps, “V-shaped motor” correspond with the ones used in motorcycles 100 years ago. Sometimes, we would like to take the liberty of futuristic retro designs 🙂 but with electric drive.


“Marcin and Michał perfectly manage retro designs. On the other hand, I am responsible for creating futuristic retro designs. Designing contemporary vehicles with strong reference to the roots of automotive industry makes it possible to distinguish yourself. When taking into account craftsmanship execution, attention to detail and inspiration with bikes from 100 years ago, I feel as if I was participating in a retro adventure.”




We love the sound of a V8 engine. We were raised among exhaust fumes and smell of fuel. These were the desired features of classic vehicles. With regard to electric drive, we were reluctant at least. This does not mean that we considered e-mobility as the end of automotive industry, but we were sceptic. No sound? No smell? No vibration? No way. Nobody can like that… Yet, after we rode a Kosynier with an electric drive for the first time… Gosh! It is fantastic. That is why only electric motors will be used in our vehicles, since we love them so much! Obviously, we are installing the best and the most powerful ones allowed by the regulations.


“You can call it ‘conversion’ or even split personality;) Old cars, motorcycles and everything associated with them fascinates us. We like the associated smell and sound. On the other hand, eco-friendly drives revolutionized our way of thinking. That is why we are combining those two opposing ‘forces’.”





We use materials of the highest quality to produce Kosynier, e.g. the frame is made of more durable chromium molybdenum steel. Batteries used in our vehicles are made of the same cells as the ones used in Tesla cars. Sub-assemblies such as derailleur gears and other accessories are also top notch. We want to be proud of our electric bicycles and speed bikes, and in order for this to come true, we need to pay attention to every detail.


“I have been a technology engineer for 13 years now. With many years of experience in a large company, delivering projects for such companies as MAN, VW, VOLVO or SCANIA, we are now able to implement in Kosynier processes as in other experienced companies. We are a small factory created by a group of friends who know each other since they were kids and this allows us to easier implement new elements and develop better.”




This is our principal assumption. If something can be handmade, Kosynier has to implement it. Saddles, saddlebags, mudguards and other components are hand-made. Our craftsmen are delighted to make that. They are proud that they can produce for Kosynier vehicles – the ones “with soul”. Even though at some point all of us performed some work, even the one that gives satisfaction, it is now, when we are able to produce hand-made Kosynier’s, the outcome of our work gives us the most pleasure. We find great inspiration when we see the emotions it brings up. In particular, in the times of fleeting and virtual moments, experiences, every bent tube, welded joint, every seam on the leather making up the saddle… This tangibility is wonderful.





“For 10 years I have been camera operator for one of the largest news television channels. What I record today, tomorrow is forgotten, even though yesterday it was of great importance for the country or the world. The experience when I can work at our workshop, prepare another prototype, I can only compare it to a childhood adventure. I love participating in a process of creating subsequent components.”




We participate in trainings and workshops on electric drives. We want to know as much as possible about motors, batteries and controllers. That is why we participate in meetings held at the Warsaw University of Technology and train during workshop dedicated to maintenance of electric drives. We are eager to share our experience and knowledge. E-mobility, being a dynamic industry, requires us to be always up to date. This is a great pleasure for us. Apart the vehicles, our team has also tremendous knowledge related to construction and use of drones. As the only entity in Poland, thanks to the modifications we made, we are able to fly a drone at -33°C (the manufacturer recommends ambient temperature of not less than 0°C) and send live fullHD image to an outside broadcast van that transmitted it to a Poland-wide TV channel. This is a perfect testing ground for us. The experience we gather helps us in producing Kosynier electric bicycles and speed bikes.


We are constantly improving. That is why continuous testing is very important for our activity. We are learning and following the trends of this fast developing discipline of electric drives, but also we are testing Kosynier vehicles off road. We want to make sure that our electric bicycles and electric speed bikes perform well at high temperature or high humidity. For that reason we were riding Kosynier bikes in winter in the most remote area of Poland – in Bieszczady mountains.





“Before we select a given part or material, we check it and control with other ones. We want to be sure that we are using the best materials and parts in Kosynier. At first it led to the point when I had to ride a bike with a metal saddle on bumpy dirt roads. It was not easy. There was a certain risk, but several years later I became a happy father of daughter and son;) As you can see, I was not harmed. Another time we were testing leather saddles with increased load. We installed them on purpose in a way that did not look good, but we wanted to verify how they would look like after prolonged used.”




Your safety is our top priority. Upon starting sales, our vehicles will hold appropriate approvals in accordance with the standards applicable in the European Union. Kosynier electric bicycle with have a 250 W motor and you will be able to ride it on bicycle lanes in the EU. On the other hand, the 4000W speed bike will allow you to legally ride it as a moped/speed bike.


Approval entails one important issue. We are obliged, despite manual work, to verify each part of the production process in order to ensure repeatable production. We are very serious about that. One of members of tour team is responsible for quality control. He is our friend whom we have known for ages. We always shared passion for old motorcycles. Moreover, equipment for frame and front suspension inspection was made for us by the company in charge of developing control equipment for VW GOLF. As you can see, we raised the bar high.


Assembly of every Kosynier bicycle and speed bike is recorded with six cameras. This allows you to watch the birth of your Kosynier. A special player was developed according to our own idea, enabling you to select the camera image for every stage of assembly. If you wish to see a close-up view, select the camera No. 1 – this is the image from the camera on the person assembling the bike. You wish to see everything at a different angle? No problem. Just select image from another camera. We want you to know as much as possible about your Kosynier.


“Most probably, I will assemble your Kosynier. There is slight pressure with the entire process being recorded;) However, we want you to participate in the process. You will see how your Kosynier is created and you can always go back to it and see every second of that process.”





Małgosia – Marcin’s wife – coordinates every delivery. She has vast experience in cooperation with global corporations. Małgosia makes sure that package delivery companies delivers both our and your orders on time. She is very meticulous and discerning;) We strive to use the best package delivery companies, allowing you to track your parcel with the link we send you.


“I gathered my experience in cooperation with companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC and Shell. I am trying to introduce global standards to our small, family-owned Kosynier factory. We care about each and every Kosynier and about you. We want to have everything coordinated so that you are satisfied both with the vehicle and with the entire delivery process.”




We need to come clear with something. We are not great businessmen;)… We create Kosynier because it is a great adventure for us. This project makes us feel great. And well, it is hard to say that it is a dream come true, as 6 years ago we did not even dare to dream about creating a brand and products that will face such a positive reception. If along the way we will be able to achieve certain financial level, we are going to write a book. Not because we need to satisfy our egos but because we want everyone who helped with our project to become known as they deserve it. We have experienced so many positive reactions that we are sure of one thing: good comes back. That is why Kosynier has to radiate positive energy. We plan to create a space in our small town that will inspire young people. We will organize meetings with interesting people. The youth and the children will open themselves to new technologies, architecture, design, multimedia and ecology. To that end we will establish the Kosynier LAB. Why is that? Because we were given a chance many times!


“In general, I am more of a community worker than an entrepreneur. Already at the age of 17 I was working for the local community. For some reason, 20 years ago, the mayor and the town council trusted me and my friend. They granted us a tremendous subsidy, which allowed us to organize an event for 6000 people. This was the defining moment of my life. I started to believe that impossible does not exist. Some time has passed and I left my small town to become camera operator for one of the largest news television channels in Poland. I have seen many parts of the world and I witnessed many historical events. Because at the age of 17 I started to believe that impossible does not exist. Now the time has come to promote this belief among the youngest generation. Sky is the limit!”


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