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Kosynier among the most interesting environmentally friendly projects in Europe

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After taking part in the polish edition of the Climate KIC grant, we were nominated, along with Parametric Support, as one of 30 most interesting pro-environmental projects in Europe. All of the nominated startups were invited to take part in Oslo workshops, and to present their ideas during an unusual event – Slush in Helsinki. Never heard of it? Their professionalism is impressive. Just take a look at this trailer.

Going back to Oslo, thanks to the support of Ford Polska, who lent us a Ford Tourneo Custom Sport, we took our prototype Kosynier with us, and used the opportunity to record a small video report on the journey and take some pictures. We went through Germany, where we slept in Bortam. A charming old fishing town with old buildings near the market square. The next day, we boarded a ferry and went to Denmark. Despite a mighty wind, we sat outside to enjoy the elements. After disembarking and reaching Sweden we had an extra task. We had to buy something. When we asked someone in a supermarket how to find it, we were led to a freezer and asked: Are you sure you want to buy it? It’s a special delicacy. Fermented herring. Recommended to eat them in the open and with disposable cutlery;)


It took us a while, but we reached Oslo comfortably. I must admit that Tourneo Custom is great for long routes. We were impressed by the number of electric vehicles in the capital of Norway. When you stop at a red light, there are usually four electric cars in front of you. Teslas are everywhere, as are chargers. In the video below you can also see an Opel GT. It was also electric.

Kuba went to workshops hosted by Norwegian startup celebrities. They were mainly preparing people for talks with potential investors. One of the speakers was a published author on the subject.

The journey itself was completely uneventful both ways. Largely thanks to the Ford Tourneo Custom Sport. Three people, with a Kosynier, luggage, a drone and a good amount of delicacies from Poland, were able to travel comfortably. We also appreciated the number of outlets in the car, which allowed us to recharge our phones as well as camera and drone batteries. Details like that become even more important on long trips. We like the Ford Tourneo Custom Sport very much:)