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Classic Remise – the most interesting place in Berlin

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Berlin. 90.
This is one of my favorite cities in Europe. When I was a child,  and, later, a teenager, this was where I first came in contact with real vehicle treasures. On our every visit, my brother and I always went to a Harley Davidson’s dealership. It was always a unique experience. Today, nothing really compares to that feeling.  To be able to see with my own eyes, or even to touch, a vehicle that for us was something out of a dream.

Poland in the nineties was not a place where you would often see motorcycles from Japan or from western Europe. Especially not in a small town like Buk 🙂 Our older colleagues rode the two-wheelers, but they were Junaks, Iżs, M72s, Panons, etc. In Berlin, in turn, there were motorcycles at every intersection. Once, walking from Potsdam to Berlin, we came across a unique place. A workshop that specialized in restoring Indians. “Wooooow” was the only way a young man from Poland could react. Berlin was the place where we saw our first NSU Kettenkrad, our first Harley dealership, our first Indian Four and had our first kebab:) … That’s why we loved Berlin !!!

2017. A trip to Berlin.

Some time has passed and, unfortunately, we visited our family in Berlin less and less frequently. However, thanks to our cooperation with Ford Poland, who made the Ford Tourneo Custom available to us, we got a chance to travel to the German capital. We got in the car with our colleague Łukasz from Cuore.pl. We took on several passengers via blablacar and off we went. Traveling with random people who meet thanks to the Internet can be a source of big surprises. On the way to Berlin, one of our passengers turned out to be a veteran competitor in Polish motor sport !!!! We had a Kosynier in the car with us. He looked in the back and, naturally, the conversation drifted to motorcycles. After a while it came to light that our passenger wes very well acquainted with mr. Pawelec, whom I personally never met even though he comes from our region,or Mr. Mieloch, who owns a Suzuki workshop that I interned in in high school. But I will write about this new acquaintance soon.

Classic Remise – the smell of history.

We were already in Berlin, when we realised that we’re close to Classic Remise. Our clue was the fact that lots of classic cars started showing up in the streets. We looked at each other and we knew our goal was near. We parked the car right outside the entrance and we could see right away what to expect inside. We went in and Lukasz said something, a milisecond ahead of me saying the same thing. “Can you feel it?” Exactly. If you have, or ever had, a classic car, you know the fragrance. The smell of the interior of the cabin… a delicate smell of fuel, a pinch of exhaust and, after a while, misty suggestion of engine oil.


Ekspozycja Exhibit

Don’t know about you, but I am now at a stage of my life when I want to celebrate. I would like nothing more than to sit on a comfortable bench among those vehicles and do nothing else. Just look at their parts from a distance. Since we have started working on the Kosynier, designing, prototyping and  improving, I’ve gained even more respect towards the people behind even the most mundane vehicles. But if I find yourself among cars that made history, the works of brilliant engineers and visionary creators, I can only grin. I can’t verbalise my feelings. A wonderful place. You can admire antique vehicles, roaming free, with no protective barriers between you and them.

Right. This place looks like a museum, but it’s anything but. It does have some interestingly designed garage spaces with sliding platforms and cars behind glass panes. Do you have a vintage car? You can keep it here under ideal conditions. The “exhibit” consists of exceptional vehicles that are either garaged here or exhibited by auction houses that have their headquarters in this building. What was especially intriguing for me is the fact that you can see the work being done on some of those antique vehicles. The brilliance of the place comes from the fact, that under one roof you have both the exhibits and the companies handling vintage car restoration. When I asked, shyly, if I might be allowed to enter one of these boxes, I heard “no problem, welcome!” There are workshops here that specialize in Italian, French and American cars. Italian motorcycles are repaired by Italian mechanics. BRILLIANT! I want to live here !!! To summarise, the place is almost unbelievable, like it’s from a movie. It’s worth coming here on a weekday, because then more workshops are open. The only thing my little celebration was missing was a comfortable bench. The only one I found was metal, cold and had no backrest.



My absolute new number 1 place in Berlin.


If you’re in Belin and like vintage cars, you really must visit.




Wiebestrasse 36 – 37
10553 Berlin