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SUCCESS FOR KOSYNIER – an electric bike maker

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When we started work on the Kosynier prototype a few years ago, we never expected it to be received this enthusiastically. Every positive interaction gave us strength and reinforced our conviction that we were on the right track. Thanks to Kosynier, we float a few feet above ground!

We set the Polish record for design / technology crowdfunding campaigns. A lot of people trusted us. Most big media talked about us. We gained the support of celebrities and people we had huge respect for. It was a rollercoaster ride. From euphoria, through disenchantment to success. A very interesting experience on multiple levels. We took part in many events. Sometimes we started the day at one, and ended it by talking about our project all through the night at a completely different event. Then three hours of sleep and back to the first one. We tried to grasp every opportunity. 

When one of the events was interrupted by a downpour that caused most spectators to seek shelter, Marcin, drenched in rain, stood in front of the few remaining soaked participants to talk to them about the project like they were a part of a VIP tour. He talked, with a smile on his face, in a deluge, earning a huge applause. You can read more about our crowdfunding campaign here.
Wherever we went, we were met with lovely receptions. At Nuremberg’s IENA, the oldest innovation fair in Europe, we received a gold medal for design. Our representative at the event was Marcin’s wife Małgosia, who handles our logistics. She was quite surprised when she was called onstage during the gala to pick up a gold medal.
We took part in the Climate KIC, an event aiming to select the best environmentally-friendly projects in Europe. Over several months, we took part in many interesting workshops, on everything from negotiations to google analytics and media training. Our electric vehicles competed against filters for cargo ships, LED-based tomato growing systems, electric go-karts and flower-pollinating robots. We, along with Parametric Support architectural software, were picked to represent Poland in Oslo and Helsinki. We were chosen as one of thirty most promising and most interesting green projects in Europe.

Our next success? We managed to secure EU funding for a lathe, a milling machine, a modern welder and a welding table. This allowed us to finally start production of electric bikes and speedbikes. It wasn’t easy, since an application means lots of paperwork, information, plans, etc. But we managed it beautifully and can finally enjoy the support.


The people behind the prize gave this explanation for their choice of the Kosynier as the winner: “for achieving the impossible”. After our crowdfunding campaign, we were awarded the “Best project ever” prize from Poland’s biggest crowdfunding portal, polakpotrafi.pl. We competed against 1500 other projects! Polish Internet users are usually sceptical about any technology / design campaigns. But they were very enthusiastic when it came to our project. Several hundred people trusted us and donated money for our electric prototype. 


When you gain the support of widely known and respected celebrities, you feel joy, but also a responsibility. When someone who’s earned their success sees a potential in you and is willing to support you, you have to do everything in your power to prove that trust was not misplaced. We gained the support of Polish movie star Bartosz Topa, Dakar Rally winner Radał Sonik and NBA star Marcin Gortat.